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Attention #CloneClub! Tatiana Maslany will be on the Late Show With David Letterman this Wednesday, June 11th at 11:35PM est.

Here’s the Letterman line up this week:


Here’s our suggested line up:


Just an idea.

UPDATE: Hey #CloneClub, we just received word that Tatiana will no longer be appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman, due to work conflicts. While this is a bummer, we can confirm that multiple versions of Tatiana Maslany will be appearing in this Saturday’s episode of Orphan Black. So luckily, your Tatiana Maslany Withdrawal* symptoms should be minimal to nonexistant.

*If you or someone you love is suffering from Tatiana Maslany Withdrawal, we recommend spending some quality time flailing around in the Orphan Black Tumblr tag, where there is never a shortage of Tatiana Maslany. Ever. Also drink some water and eat a sandwich. Maybe you’re just really hungry.

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i peed myself at the grocery store so i had to make it look like it wasn’t me

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the level at which rihanna doesnt give a fuck is so inspiring

i was like why the fuck is this post getting so much play today and then i realized



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My mum broke her wrist and didnt want to go to her dinner party with an ugly cast so I broke out some brushes and painted Van Gogh’s ” Starry night ” on it for her.

oh yeah, no biggie, lemme just whip out my brushes and paint a lil something-something. easy.